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The Smoke Spirals

Bad change is easy. A trip to the casino with the wrong woman can change you from a millionaire to a penniless bum. A fun night of drinking can lead you from a functional human being to a rotting vegetable. Even a simple walk in the park and you stop being a living story to become a forgotten corpse.
Good change however, is hard. Unlike in fiction, you can't wake up one morning and suddenly be a better person. There's no overnight revolution, no frontal assault with muskets, no personal coup d'état. Guerrilla tactics are the way to go. Ambush yourself. Sabotage yourself. Hit and run. Also, instead of closed life cycles like school, relationships, jobs, you should look at them as spirals where you ascend a little bit each time. With every new love, with every new challenge, with every new art work. Just little improvements on the spirals of life. The smoke spirals. Hopefully, taking us up to the stars.


The Voyage (interlude #11)

Temperature: -67ºC
Velocity: 813 km/h
Altitude: 12182m
Flight: TP107

It's been 2 decades since I've set foot on the land that witnessed my unholy birth. I know it's been awhile since I posted, but the motherland and I have a lot of catching up to do. Everyday, people restart their lives. Now, it's my turn.
Posts will resume shortly and some new stuff is in the works. Hope you guys are all doing well. Will visit each of you soon.


The Innocence (inter. #10)

As you can see from the pic, 5 years ago, my cat Mia was a cute and fragile little ball of fur. Today, she’s a fully grown adult. Despite her sociopathic tendencies and her narcissistic nature, she still has that same aura of innocence in her. She’s big and strong and treats me like her slave, but she’s still as innocent as the day she was born. Animals keep that purity until the very end.
I wish the same could be said about people.


The Identity (interlude #9)

Who the fuck am I?
Who is this guy who shares these horrible drawings with you? What's he like in real life? Does it matter? Maybe I'm the asshole who made your sister cry when I slept with her best friend. Maybe I kill kittens on the weekends and puppies on holidays. Maybe I have a sinister mustache! Or maybe I'd be your best friend if we met. Maybe I'd be the love of your life if we spent an evening together. Who knows what identity lies beyond these posts... And don't forget; this question can easily be turned around: Who the fuck are you? We connect through a couple of funnels sharing only a fraction of what we are. We are so much more. Good and bad. Infinite possibilities... Nice to meet you.


The Holiday (interlude #8)

Dear Santa,
these are some of the things I want this holiday:

- ak47
- pizza + beer
- comics
- pencils + pens + paper
- a great Christmas for all my friends
- world peace (if you have time)

Now, drop the pudding and get to work you fat lazy bastard.
Your kintsugi friend,


The First Year (interlude #7)

T'was precisely one rotten year ago that I started this voyage of punk illustrating the people I've met and our shared stories. All in all, this marks the end of Year One. However, it hasn't been a faultless year. Only two months after I began, I stopped for a period of half a year. What an idiot. Many shitty factors contributed to this, but non relevant. So, in reality, I only have six months worth of posts. Maybe I shouldn't be celebrating, then... What’s more relevant, the time or the effort? Neither. It’s the people I've met since this mind trip began. If no one was reading this crap, I’d probably still be crafting these travesties of remarkable people, but it’s so much better to have your fine company. Big thanks and a toast to you all.


The Doomsday Clock (interlude #6)

Destiny - Its almost a quarter to midnight on The Doomsday Clock. Life flies and then you're dead. Time's always running out; you should use it with more wisdom.
Me - Tell me something I don't already know, you useless bastard.
Destiny - ...your pizza is burning and you forgot to put beer in the fridge.
Me - Fuuuuuuck!


The Award (interlude #5)

Sometime in July, Kaijinu from Sticky Red: A Body Count Compendium, awarded me with The Liebster Award... To be honest, I don't give a shit about these awards, but I do care about people. So, as a big thanks to him and to everyone who visits Invizible Kidz, I've decided to interrupt my usual programming to accept and pass along this... the love.
Details after the break.


The Light (interlude #4)

In the dark spooky forest, singing was heard:
"There is a light that never goes out." 


The Baptism (interlude #3)

Reaching the river, I found a shroom demon waiting... 

He was wearing a cheap human flesh suit and holding a bucket. I said that baptisms should be done in fire, but he claimed that ice water would be more ironic. Plus, water doesn't hurt the spores, supposedly. While pouring the shit on me, he said: ''It's very important that you find and define yourself.'' Under the freezing cold water, I turned blue. I lit a cigarette to balance things out and when I looked up, the shroom demon was gone. I spent the rest of the night puking my guts out thinking about what was said. The prick forgot to give me a name.


The Friendship (interlude #2)

The cat that saves lives...

Friends help us keep sane through all the crazy contrasting moments we find in life. Knowing that and since it's Thanksgiving, I wanna give thanks to my best friend, Mia. This little sociopath shreds every important piece of paper she finds just to show me that life isn't to be taken too seriously. She also greets my arrival home with a warm dose of purring love. If not for this cute furry ball of mayhem, I would've probably killed some people, by now...
(Who would feed her if I was in prison?)


The Birth

In a drunken dream, a go-go girl chanted:

Beyond the fence there is a forest.
Beyond the forest there is a river.
Beyond the river there is a mountain.
Beyond the mountain there is a valley.
Beyond the valley there is a road.
Beyond the road there is a bridge.
Beyond the bridge there is a city.
Beyond the city there is a world.
And beyond the world... you'll find Life.

Horribly hungover, I stumbled out the next morning unaware of all the Kids I would meet...

...and of all the life hungry stories I would uncover.